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Our new Elite program is set up with you in mind! All of the colors are priced per square foot and in stock, which makes the decision process that much easier.

Now you can browse live inventory that's within the program and create a customized kitchen or bathroom through the visualizer tool.

Feel free to come in so we can show you all of the fun features this program has to offer, and see our selection center in person!

We offer our Elite Program with 100 slabs all sold by the square foot price all displayed in half slabs in our showroom. They are categorized by price for easy viewing from “Promo, A, B C, D, E, F, G”. Promo is the most economical and G is the most expensive. Within the Elite 100 slabs we offer a variety of stone options within the selection (quartz, granite and quartzite). You will also find varying finishes such as matte finish, polished finish, honed and leathered finishes for unique characteristics in this program.


Along with the Elite Program, we offer 4 full lines of Quartz all sold by the square foot price. These three quartz lines offer up a large variety of selection and price groups to choose from for everyone’s budget.​

  • Metro Quartz

  • Cambria

  • Symphony

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