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We offer a variety of countertop stone options ranging from Quartz (manmade), Granite (natural stone found in the earth) and Quartzite (natural stone found in the earth).

Current trends calls for the popularity of Quartz countertop. Quartz is a manmade product made to look like natural stone. With modern technology quartz is made from a mix of natural quartz material, dyes, polyester resin and other materials to form a unique blend of hard surface countertops ideal for todays lifestyle. This is an attractive countertop option due to its ease to maintain, durability and non porous surface requiring no sealers needed.

Quartz varies in price and color selection. If you are looking for a natural stone look such with movement and veining, but don’t want to worry about inconsistent patterns and sealing your stone tops, quartz is a great option for you. Quartz colors can be 100% solid and uniform ranging from little variation to a lot. Price varies between quartz, granite and quartzite ranging from low to high and overlaps. Quartz is not always less expensive than granite, but it can be depending on what you are looking for. The more unique the patterns, the more expensive quartz is. It does not have to do with the quality of the product, which is a common misconception.


If you like the inconsistent pattern, unique patterns and more natural look for your countertops, granite or quartzite stone tops might be what you are looking for. Granite is an extremely durable natural stone and offers up lots of varying patterns and movements.


If you are worried about the maintenance of the granite and natural stone, don’t be. Sealing is done prior to installation and typically it does not need resealed for several years, and there is little to no maintenance required. Granite is also an excellent choice for outdoor spaces and can withstand the weather of heat and cold temperatures.


Quartzite is a little more unique natural stone, which is typically why it can also be a little more expensive. If you like the look of marble but do not want the maintenance that comes with it, Quartzite might be the stone top for you. Quartzite is known for its unique patterns, strength and durability. Each piece is like an art piece unique to itself. Just like granite, quartzite comes sealed when it is installed so you do not need to reseal it for years to come.

Along with the Elite Program, we offer full lines of Quartz all sold by the square foot price. These quartz lines offer up a large variety of selection and price groups to choose from for everyone’s budget.

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