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Choosing Kitchen Countertops in Des Moines

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and should be treated as such. Not only does it need to look good and function well, but it also needs to hold up over time and accommodate various food choices.

Shoppers should always consider what kind of surface they have and if it's accessible to water and easy to clean. The color, the material, and even the look of the countertops all play a huge part in the overall look of your kitchen.

This article will help you find the best option for your countertop needs in Des Moines. Read on to find out.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a natural gemstone in many colors and textures, including granite. It has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, so it doesn't shrink or expand with temperature changes. Quartz also has a high compressive strength, which means it can be used as an architectural stone without cracking or breaking. Because of this, quartz countertops are very durable and long-lasting.

Granite Countertops

A granite countertop is a beautiful option that has been used in many kitchens worldwide for years. It is versatile as it can be used in residential and commercial spaces and many other styles and applications. The durability of granite makes it an ideal choice for kitchen countertops since it does not show stains or discolorations.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are a great option for homeowners in Des Moines who want a touch of luxury in their kitchen. They are cheaper than granite, marble, or even quartz and have a more modern look that will match any decor. Laminate countertops can be installed in almost any type of kitchen.

You can choose from several laminate countertops in Des Moines, including solid surface and engineered wood products. A solid surface is made from crystals fused to create a durable material that is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Engineered wood is made from wood chips glued together and then covered with resin or another hard coat finish. Solid surface and engineered wood products come in several styles and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your kitchen's decor.


Soapstone is a natural stone used for centuries to make kitchen countertops. It is easy to install, and its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Soapstone is also very durable, which makes it an ideal choice for your kitchen.

Soapstone is made up of sandstone and granite rock. The sandstone part of the stone comes from the Triassic period, while the granite comes from the Jurassic period.

Soapstone can be used with tile or marble as its top layer because it's a non-porous material that doesn't absorb moisture or stain easily. This means you won't have to worry about water spots or stains on your soapstone countertops!

Solid-Surface Material

The best kitchen countertops in Des Moines are made from solid surface material. This is because it's an environmentally friendly choice and very attractive to the eye. Many people like to use this type of material because it can take a lot of abuse, meaning you will not have to worry about breaking down. It also comes in many colors and styles, so you can find something that suits your kitchen.

Butcher Block

butcherblock countertop in des moines

Butcher block countertops are well-suited for kitchens in Des Moines. The dark wood and natural finish of butcher block make it a timeless classic that will fit right into any home's decor. Butcher blocks are made from wood products like oak and maple, which means they're environmentally friendly and durable.

Butcher blocks are easy to clean, so they're ideal for busy households with kids or pets who like to make messes. They're also easy to keep clean because they don't absorb food odors as other materials. Butcher blocks can be wiped down easily with a cloth or sponge (or even your hands) to remove any spills without having to scrub the surface too hard, which could damage its finish.

Bottom Line

Countertops are not just important because they are a centerpiece of the kitchen; they can also make or break the space in some ways. They set the tone for the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the space; ultimately, they make your kitchen great.

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