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  • Fox Countertops Team

DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Countertop

A white Christmas is waiting for you around the corner which means that it’s time to deck up your home with lights and holly!

Santa is coming to town and we couldn’t be more excited. While you may have big plans for your living room and patio, don’t forget to spruce up the focal point of your kitchen—your stunning countertop—for the holidays too. After all, this is where the magic happens.

To help you out, Fox Countertops from Urbandale, IA presents to you a few ideas to make your countertop look magnificent this Christmas:

Bring in some color with plants

The natural choice of decoration would be wreaths, but since these are too huge, we recommend getting artificial plants as countertop decorations instead. You can also walk the extra mile to add some Christmas cheer to plants by adding tiny bells and balls to the set-up!


A bouquet can infuse new life into any room instantly! Add a few to a vase to bring in a pop of color in your kitchen. Be creative and let your unique taste show by putting up a great floral arrangement for your guests.

Colorful accessories

Now this one is a no-brainer. To bring Christmas to your kitchen, simply add some festive stickers to your backsplash and you are good to go, You can also consider sticking badges and stickers on your apron as well.

Candles and pretty lights

Hardpressed for time but really want to make make your kitchen’s quartz or granite countertop look dazzling this winter? String up LED lights or just light a few candles. This adds a subtle glow to your cooking arena and the best part is that it doesn’t take too much time to set up.

Good food

Is Christmas really complete without absolutely amazing, finger-licking food? Of course not! This is the time when one must not count calories and enjoy the delicious spread laid out before them! Those who have been caught by the decorating bug can choose to spruce up their countertop with their choicest selection of gingerbread houses, plum cakes, cookies, and more. Not only will it look inviting, but the aroma of baked goodies will get your guests talking!


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