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Avoid These 4 Mistakes To Make Your Quartz Countertop Last!

A stunning quartz countertop is the crowning glory of your kitchen. Give it the love, attention and care it deserves, and it will sparkle and last for years. However, a few mistakes can lead to stains and unsightly marks that may inevitably force you to get a new countertop! And, as we are all aware, quartz countertops don’t come cheap.

In this blog, we will look at some of the common mistakes that quartz countertop owners make so that you don’t go down the same road!

Not attending to spills immediately

This can spell doom for old and new countertops. If you don’t wipe off gravy drips and wine spills as fast as you can, the stain will get harder to remove. So, always have a clean, dry cloth on stand-by while working in the kitchen.

Depending on harsh cleaners

Harsh, chemically loaded cleaners don’t go well with quartz countertops. It is important to steer clear from acidic and alkaline cleaners as these can weaken bonds between resin and quartz and can seriously damage the surface layer with time. As it hampers the efficacy of the sealant as well, the countertop may become prone to stains.

To avoid this debacle, simply choose cleaners meant specially for countertops. You can also trust your mild dishwashing soap or gentle hand soap to cater to your countertop’s cleaning demands.

Slicing veggies on your countertop

Most of us have been guilty of doing this! While most countertops are NSF-approved, i.e., they are safe for food preps. But excessive pressure while using your knife may lead to scratches on the surface. Therefore, quartz countertop retailers in Urbandale, IA, recommend that you make it a habit to use the cutting board instead, especially when you are in a hurry!

Placing sizzling hot utensils

Yes, quartz countertops are supposed to be heat-resistant by nature. However, if you keep placing utensils with boiling food directly from the stove every day, the countertop will lose its shine and also show signs of discoloration, along with becoming more susceptible to cracks.

To fix the issue, you may be forced to get a replacement. We recommend that you use cooking pads whenever you are working with hot utensils to avoid direct contact.


By being mindful of the above-mentioned points, you will be able to keep your quartz countertop stain-free and pristine, year after year. Have questions about this breathtaking stone? Reach out to our quartz countertop experts in Urbandale, IA!


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