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Quartzite Kitchen Countertops Are Trending! Here's Why

Pristine white marble countertops have had their time to shine and are now slowly clearing the way for quartzite kitchen countertops to rule the roost!

While the latter has always been around, the shift towards darker colors in the kitchen in recent years has led to a boom in its popularity given the fact that it is available in a wide range of statement-making colors. In this blog, we will walk you through all you need to know about quartzite countertops and why they are currently so hot in the market!

What Is Quartzite?

A metamorphic rock, quartzite is created when sandstone withstands pressure and heat for years in the natural environment. Tougher than quartz, it is formed when sand particles combine to form hard, dense natural stone. It usually comes in two different forms. One is darker while the second one has a light-colored appearance. Often, some natural ones also have beautiful shades of pink and green on them.

Why Has Quartzite Become So Popular?

Marble countertops have been the most preferred choice of new homeowners. It proved to be a safe option as it would go with any back-splash and also accentuated the look of the kitchen, giving it an elite appearance. However, people have lately become adventurous and are beginning to mix and match and play around with bolder shades in their kitchen. They want their cooking spaces to be a platform of self-expression, which is why they are gladly moving away from safe white shades!

As pointed out by countertop installers in Urbandale, Iowa, quartzite is also stronger than marble. It is chic and will last you for years with proper maintenance. Moreover, no two slabs of quartzite are alike, so the surface you will end up with will essentially be one of a kind! Attention-grabbing, bold countertops also work wonderfully with colorful cabinets and bring a sense of aesthetic vibrancy to the space.

In addition to this, scratches or stains don’t show up on quartzite countertops easily. It also withstands heat better than quartz. You can place a hot frying pan on the surface without any fear and its versatility more than makes up for its price tag!

We hope that you enjoyed reading about this showstopping natural stone! To dicuss the feasibility of quartzite countertop installation in your Urbandale, IA home, hit us up today!

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